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Links related to Bayfield, WI, and area

Bayfield, WI Chamber of Commerce
Bayfield Home Page
Someone else who loves the town as much as I.
Old Rittenhouse Inn.
This breathtakingly beautiful Victorian inn and gourmet restaurant finally has its own page. Go.

Northern Wisconsin links

Hotel Chequamegon, Ashland, WI
A "Grand Hotel" in the classic style on the shore of Lake Superior
Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
Just off the shore in Bayfield, the Apostle Islands demand to be seen. Scrap your mountain bike, throw your laptop into Lake Superior, breathe slowly and deeply, and relax.
Cable, WI area Chamber of Commerce
Cable is a town name, not a means of broadcasting TV. Just south of Bayfield County.

Miscellaneous links

The best, most intelligent shows on TV are on Saturday Morning

Pinky and the Brain Links.
Can a pair of mutated lab mice find happiness by taking over the world? NARF!
Animaniacs Links.
Helloooo, Nurse! Is your life too ordinary? Yakko, Wakko and Dot can fix that!

DILBERT -- Everyman for the 90s

The Dilbert Zone
Dilbert is not humor, it is a horrifyingly accurate, authentic view of life in the corporate workplace in the 1990s. Young people, be afraid! Be very afraid! The Man is trying to suck the life and spirit out of you!


The Barney Fun Page
Have fun with Barney with a knife, axe, gun, Uzi, shotgun, cannon, or motorcycle!

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