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The Bayfield Transfer Railway Web Site

This site is dedicated to railroads, both prototype and model, of northern Wisconsin and Upper Peninsula Michigan (the South Shore).

I envision it as a place for exchanging information and ideas on these railroads and their modelling, whether historical or freelance modelling. It is my intent to keep the concentration of this site on the railroads of that geographical area; this is not a general railroad site, nor a general site concerning the Lake Superior area, though links to such sites may become available.

Bayfield, Wisconsin

Bayfield, WI
Information about Bayfield, WI and the surrounding area

The Bayfield Transfer Railway

The prototype Bayfield Transfer Railway, the model Bayfield Transfer Railway, fiction about the BTR, and more

The Modeller's Forum

Modeller's Forum
Postings of messages and Q&A about South Shore railroads and their modelling, and more

Northern Wisconsin/UP Michigan Railroad Links

No. Wisc/UP MI Rail
Railroad-related links pertainent to Northern Wisconsin and UP Michigan

Other Railroad Links

Other Railroad-Related Links

Other Non-Railroad Links

Other Non-Railroad Links
Other links of general interest about northern Wisconsin and UP Michigan, or anything else that takes my fancy.

Comments, suggestions, new links, etc., please send to

Michael Mornard

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